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Help for Charities and Community Service Organizations

Community Service and Charitable Organizations are welcome to seek support for their building and construction projects from the HBA.

The HBA desires to serve as a 'clearing house' for requests from local community service and charitable organizations.  The HBA can help if your organization needs assistance such as

  • Reaching builders and contractors for more information or guidance,

  • Obtaining quotes from builders and contractors,

  • Identifying members willing to offer discounted or donated materials or labor.


Simply provide a detailed description of the help needed and the program, project and organization that would receive the assistance.  Email, mail or drop off the detailed information to the HBA and we’ll review the request for completeness as well as review the organization making the request.  Once all of the details and criteria are approved, the HBA will make the membership aware of the opportunity and members will contact the organization directly. 

Current requests and opportunities for support:

Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries

The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission works to Change Lives through the power of Christ by offering emergency provisions to individuals and families facing hardships, providing recovery services for those overcoming addictions and poor work histories  through long-term programming and by through education and life skills training to help break the cycle of homelessness.

The Gospel Mission was given a small house that provides accommodations for different purposes.  However, the home is in need of repairs and other work to continue to be a useful asset to the mission.  Members that might be willing to help effect repairs either as a donation to the mission or for a reduces rate, or possibly donating materials are encouraged to contact the mission.  For more details, download the written request from the Gospel Mission.

The HBA Remodelers Council plans to renovate this home starting in mid-late 2020.  

Updated February, 2020

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