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Curious about what our members do for a living?

HBA Jobs Connection exists so we can talk to men and women who are curious about starting a new career with HBA member companies in Southwest Michigan and other regions. Contact our CEO, Jeff Tafel (,

to discuss your interest and career options! 

What to Expect When We Meet

When we meet, we’ll talk about you and what you want in a job and career. We’re not an employment agency so you don’t have to worry about tests, or being asked about your worst moments on the job. Once we get a sense for your experience and interests, with your permission we’ll pass your information on to members who may be a good match or recommend training and educational options.

Why Now?

Our housing market is busy and there are not enough workers to keep up with demand. Home builders and remodelers added 118,00 job over the last 12 months - and the shortage of carpenters and framers is at an all time high. As housing starts and remodelings continue to increase locally, more workers will be needed in the residential construction sector^. As a result of this shortage, there’s a large backlog of families waiting to build or remodel their home. 


^Eye on Housing  AUGUST 8, 2017

Who Are We Looking For  

We want to meet men and women who are seeking a next step: 

  • Motivated & dependable individuals who are looking for a better paycheck or a change in routine 

  • Skilled, certified professionals who are experts in their industry and looking for a new career opportunity

  • Veterans, students, people in transition looking for a meaningful career

Potential Earnings

We're here to help.

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