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"Think HBA Members First"
Radio Campaign

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Our community is calling the HBA for references more than ever! While the community is actively looking for help with their exiting home or building a new one, we're looking to maximize the opportunity for HBA members.

The HBA has teamed up with HBA member Midwest Communications (WKZO/WNWN/WVFM and other radio stations in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo) to run a radio campaign on all their stations in the area to encourage listeners to reach out to HBA members first.  

By participating in this special program, your business will be mentioned in rotation on these radio ads, and include dedicated time on the return Kalamazoo Housing Today to WKZO in November.  

Want to get mentioned on these special messages like the sample you can hear on this page?  Click the links below to learn more...

Think HBA Members First Sample Radio Ad
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