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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

B&G Discount in Schoolcraft has 3-layer medical masks.  Call ahead and let them know what you need and they will have it ready for pick-up.  50 pack for $49  or 10 pack for $10.  Phone # 269.679.4732. Please call for current availability on disposable gloves.

Quality Touch Painting -  Gel Hand Sanitizer ( both 70% & 80% mix available) -1 gallon jug  Text name, email & quantity to Quincy Nunn at:  269.998-1116

Green Door Distilling Co.
Green Door Emergency Hand Sanitizer Project is excited to announce that we have been able to bring our minimum order quantity of hand sanitizer down to 10 bottles AND NOW WE CAN SHIP THEM! 4 oz spray bottle of hand sanitizer = $6
Visit to place an order.

St Julian Winery is producing ethanol-based liquid sanitizer (1 gallon jug) to help our communities in the battle against Covid-19. Visit to Order! 

Bell's Brewery has Cleaning & Sanitizing Chemicals

FERGUSON - COVID-19 PPE & SANITIZER OFFERING - this PDF is a nationwide Ferguson offering for gloves, coveralls & booties, disposable face masks, reusable face masks, infrared thermometers, cleaning & sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and face shields. 
Kalamazoo Location: 409 E Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Showroom Phone:(269) 349-6608
Plumbing Phone:(269) 459-0113
Industrial Phone:(269) 459-0114

AGILE SAFETY -  this PDF is a local essential supply offer to help local business to get back to work safely. Offering includes disposable face masks, face shields, infrared thermometers, cleaning & sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Contact Dan Laarman, AGILE SAFETY

850 Bridge Street NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49504


P: 616-301-1402

C: 616-498-3391

F: 616-301-1403

ARC Document Solutions is providing health & safety signage, N95 masks, and face shields. ARC can also provide customized signage on various substrates.

contact: Dawn Tinskey
Document Solutions Consultant
M (248) 767-3662 

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce put together a list of member companies who may have access to PPE equipment. Contact the company directly for product information, availability and warranty. Click for a full list:

KSS Enterprises - View product flyer HERE. Most of the following items are readily available and in stock, however, due to the high demand some will have a 1-3 week lead time: KN95 Masks, Surgical Masks, Fabric Face Covers, Face Shields, Gowns, Hand Sanitizers, Disinfectants, Gloves.


Please contact Grace Hernandez via email: or by phone: 269.377.2923

Safety Services Inc. 
Due to the massive demand and interruption to the supply chain we are on allocation with all of our suppliers for items affected by COVID-19. In turn, this means we have to allocate product to customers in the same fashion. Until the supply chain catches up this means we, unfortunately, have to limit sales to new customers. 

Please see our comprehensive COVID-19 statement here: SSI COVID-19 UPDATE 

For items unaffected by COVID-19 there are no limitations and we welcome the opportunity to support your needs in those areas.

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