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2024 General Election Resources

The Home Builders Association of Western Michigan's Government Relations Committee Encourages all members of the Residential Construction Industry to Exercise Their Right To Vote. Being a Home Builder is Hard, Voting is Easy.

Every election is important, because it's another chance for citizens to choose the leaders and direction of their future.  As business leaders it is vital that we vote – whom you vote for is your choice – but this is the most important election in American history and participation is more important than ever. #2024elections

Elected officials at all levels play a role in shaping housing policy.


To help our members make an informed decision, HBA questionnaires were sent to all candidates scheduled to be on the November 3rd General Election ballot.  We highly encourage you to read through the unaltered candidate replies by clicking candidate names underlined & bold below.  Additional candidate replies will be added as we receive them.



Candidates endorsed by the Home Builders Association of Western Michigan are highlighted.

If you are a candidate for office who would like to complete our questionnaire, please download and return it to



Candidates endorsed by the Home Builders of Michigan's Friends of Housing PAC are highlighted

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Who represents me at the state and federal levels?

A Congressional, State, Senate and State House district map can be found by clicking the button below.

State Legislature Representatives by District (Includes Districts 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 78, 79)
Kalamazoo County

State Legislature Representative - 35th District (Branch and Hillsdale)

State Legislature Representative - 36th District (Cass and St. Joseph)

  • (I) Steve Carra (R)

  • Michael Malmborg (R)

  • Frank Perez (R)

  • Erin L. Schultes (D)

State Legislature Representative - 38th District (Allegan, Barrien and Van Buren)

State Legislature Representative - 39th District (Allegan, Barrien and Van Buren)

State Legislature Representative - 40th District (Kalamazoo)

State Legislature Representative - 41st District (Kalamazoo)

State Legislature Representative - 42nd District (Allegan and Kalamazoo)

  • (I) Matt Hall (R)

  • Rich Cutshaw (R)

  • Austin Marsman (D)

State Legislature Representative - 43rd District (Allegan, Barry, Eaton and Ottawa)

State Legislature Representative - 44th District (Calhoun)

State Legislature Representative - 45th District (Calhoun, Jackson, and Kalamazoo)

  • (I) Sarah Lightner (R)

  • Doug Murch (D)

State Legislature Representative - 78th District (Barry, Eaton, Ionia and Kent)

State Legislature Representative - 79th District (Allegan, Barry and Kent)

  • (I) Angela Rigas (R)

  • Jason Rubin (D)





Kalamazoo Prosecuting Attorney

  • (I) Jeffrey Getting (D)

Kalamazoo County Sheriff

  • (I) Richard Fuller III (D)

  • James Charon (R)

  • Sabrina Pritchett-Evans (R)

Kalamazoo County Clerk & Register of Deeds

  • (I) Meredith Place (D)

  • Emily Crawford (R)

  • Kathleen Olmsted (R)

Kalamazoo County Treasurer

  • (I) Thomas Whitener (D)

  • Pamela Herbert (R)

  • Dale Shugars (R)

Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner

  • (I) Jason Wiersma (D)

Kalamazoo County Surveyor

  • (I) Gary Hahn (D)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #1

  • (I) Tami Rey (D)

  • Douglas Olivares (R)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #2

  • (I) Jen Strebs (D)

  • Gary Mitchell (R)

  • Andrew Smith (R)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #3

  • (I) Monteze Morales (D)

  • Ron Austin (R)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #4

  • (I) Abby Wheeler (D)

  • Sarah Joshi (D)

  • Jason Mikkelborg (R)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #5

  • (I) John Patrick Taylor (D)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #6

  • (I) John Gisler (R)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #7

  • (I) Jeff Heppler (R)

  • Andy Davis (D)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #8

  • (I) Wendy Mazer (R)

  • Matthew Miller (D)

Kalamazoo County Commissioner - District #9

  • (I) Dale DeLeeuw (D)

  • Nicole Wagner (R)

Kalamazoo Townships

Calhoun County Sheriff

  • (I) Steven Hinkley (NPA)

Calhoun County Clerk/Register of Deeds

  • (I) Kimberly Hinkley (R)

Calhoun County Treasurer

  • (I) Brian Wensauer (R)

Calhoun County Prosecuting Attorney

Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner

Calhoun County Commissioner - District #1

  • (I) Rochelle Hatcher (D)

  • Dominic Oo (R)


Calhoun County Commissioner - District #2

  • (I) Cleoria French (D)


Calhoun County Commissioner - District #3

Calhoun County Commissioner - District #4

Calhoun County Commissioner - District #5

  • (I) Derek King (R)

Calhoun County Commissioner - District #6

  • Christian Brown (D

  • Robert J. Overley (R)

  • Matthew Saxton (R)

Calhoun County Commissioner - District #7

Calhoun County
Calhoun Townships

Judge of Appeals - 1st District

  • (I) Kristen Kelly

  • (I) Michael Riordan

Judge of Appeals - 3rd District

  • (I) Philip P. Mariani

  • (I) Christopher P. Yates

Circuit Court Judge - 9th Circuit

  • (I) Paul Bridenstine

  • (I) Pamela Lightvoet

Circuit Court Judge - 9th Circuit New Judgeship

  • Angelique Camfield

  • Christine Morse

  • Mariko Willis

US Senators

  • (I) Mike Rogers (R)

  • Justin Amash (R)

  • Hill Harper (D)

  • Sherry O'Donnell (R)

  • Sandy Pensler (R)

  • Elissa Slotkin (D)

US Representative 4th District (Allegan, Berrien, Calhoun, Kalamazoo, Ottawa, and Van Buren)

  • (I) Bill Huizenga (R)

  • Brendan Muir (R)

  • Jessica Swartz (D

US Representative 5th District (Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Hillsdale, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Lenawee, Monroe and St. Joseph)

  • (I) Tim Walberg (R)

  • Libbi Urban (D

Kalamzoo County 2
Calhoun County 2
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