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Nearly every community in the U.S. has a shortage of attainable housing.  These needs are even greater in older core neighborhoods as the housing stock ages and costs of construction increase.  In many of these neighborhoods the construction costs exceed the areas appraised values needed for a mortgage creating an 'appraisal gap' of tens of thousands of dollars.  The KAHP aims to re-invest in Kalamazoo's core neighborhoods with new construction to boost appraised values and over the long-term ultimately making new construction, remodeling and re-investment in residential properties economically viable.

The Home Builders Association of Western Michigan (HBAWMI) is proud to partner with KNHS (Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services), LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) andnow the city of Kalamazoo's Foundation For Excellence to build quality, attainable homes in Kalamazoo’s core neighborhoods.  


5700 West Michigan Avenue

Kalamazoo, MI 49009
(269) 375-4225

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1219 S. Park St
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
(269) 364-2538


 241 West South Street
     Kalamazoo, MI 49007

(269) 337-8000



The Kalamazoo Attainable Homes Partnership (KAHP) seeks to provide high-quality homes built by HBA members that are both attainable in cost and provide homeowners with low maintenance costs. KAHP homes feature the same quality construction that goes into many custom homes, such as 50-year roofing, energy saving insulation, heating and air conditioning systems, durable flooring materials and so much more – saving families in these homes thousands a year in utilities bills and maintenance for generations to come.



After being tasked by one of our partners to bring new construction to the city, one of the unique efforts that made this project possible was the collaborative design effort of several HBA builders. By bringing their knowledge together to integrate the most efficient design possible, they were able to come up with an exterior asthetic that fit the look and feel of the neighborhood.  Being that many city lots are narrow, the width of the home was taken into consideration. By limiting the width of the floor joists, it eleminated the need for a supporting wall across the basement, which kept material costs low. Another effort to keep the design efficient in the two-story plan, is that the bathrooms are stacked above/below each other while also being located near kitchen walls for minimal plumbing materials. Nowhere in the plans did the HBA sacrifice quality over cost. 


To bring new homes to neighborhoods that haven’t seen new construction in decades. We’re so proud to be working with our partner organizations to make new home ownership equitable throughout Kalamazoo – building new homes that will serve families for generations. 



KAHP Champions help support the mission of this worthwhile partnership by providing materials or services in their sector with the quality HBA builders are accustomed to, while simultaniously maintaining the attainability by meeting strict budgets. This is often done by providing material discounts at the supplier level. 

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Round 3 - 2021

We are still working out the details for round 3 with our partners. How many brand-new homes will be built in 2021 and where will they be located? We hope to have more info in the coming months! If you are interested in purchasing one of these homes, start the process by contacting KNHS at (269) 364-2538.

Round 2- 2020

Thanks to a collaboration with Consumers Energy, the second round of homes will be constructed with an "All-Electric Homes" model to produce super-efficient, all-electric homes at attainable costs. These homes will: be net zero-ready or net zero with solar panels, utilize cold climate heat pumps, and include appliances and equipment requiring no fossil fuels. Learn more HERE.

124 burr oak.jpg
124 Burr Oak

Built by Martz Home Builders, LLC located in the Vine Neighborhood.

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110 Burr Oak.jpg
110 Burr Oak

Built by LandMark Homes of Michigan located in the Vine Neighborhood.

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118 fellows.jpg
118 Fellows

Built by Osborne Construction & Maintenance, LLC located in the Vine Neighborhood.

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1015 Albert.jpg
1015 Albert

Built by LandMark Homes of Michigan located in the Eastside Neighborhood.

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Round 1 - 2019

Built in four of Kalamazoo's core neighborhoods, this project started with the 4 bedroom 2 bath two-story plan, so as to fit the current asthetic. The Stockbridge home, built by Wausau Homes Kalamazoo, was constructed with a panelized method where the home's structure gets set in just 24 hours. This home was also featured as house #3 in the 2020 Parade of Homes

1403 Stockbridge

Built by Wausau Homes Kalamazoo East located in the Edison Neighborhood.

1032 Sherwood

Built by LandMark Homes of Michigan located in the Eastside Neighborhood.

610 McCourtie 

Built by Osborne Construction & Maintenance, LLC located in the Vine Neighborhood.

w. noth (2) 10.22.19.jpg
1318 W. North St.

Built by Martz Home Builders, LLC located in the West Douglas Neighborhood.